Article published in on September 5, 2005

“Wicked Witch of the South Causes Chaos”

By Laurie Morton (co-authored Dino M. Zaffina)

The production schedule of Reba for the 2005-2006 Season has been delayed because of a contract dispute between Reba McEntire and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (“Fox”).

Over the last three weeks McEntire has cleverly orchestrated the studios’ equivalent to the “blue flu” by strategically having each member of the adult cast calling in sick on tape day.

McEntire, who has in the past, forcibly renegotiated her contract in the middle of the season is now actually negotiating for a new contract. Since Fox, known for being unethical, tried to stick it to McEntire by failing to come to the table before production commenced on the new season, McEntire got the jump on them and stuck it to them first.

On the first week of production everything seemed fine; cast and crew arrived on the set on a Monday ready to rehearse and pretape scenes for that episode. After all the pretaped scenes were completed everyone went home for the night. The next day, crew members arrived at the studio only to find out that they could not complete the episode because a cast member was ill. So, they shot all the scenes that they could shoot that did not involve the “blue flu” cast member. Once they were completed they called a wrap.

On the second week of production McEntire arrived on the set and claimed to not like the script. This was suspicious considering she had been rehearsing this script for three days with her fellow cast members prior to camera blocking day. Nevertheless, it worked because she departed the studio, leaving an entire crew with nothing to do. Producer, Jason Shubb, not the strongest or sharpest producer, did not know what to do, so he had the entire crew sit around for hours while he waited for an order from his superior, Joel Hornstock who was also baffled.

McEntire was sure running these Fox individuals into the ground. Two weeks of an entire crew being paid with not much product to show for it. One would think that Fox would be wise up and come to the bargaining table to meet McEntire to resolve their differences. In this case, however, arrogance proved to be Fox’s downfall.

Come the third week, McEntire pulled more underhanded tricks and caused more delays. Finally, as it has been reported to from its many Reba crew member sources, it appears that McEntire and Fox executives have reached an agreement. The new production of Reba should continue on without interruption.


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